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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Choosing sides on the port sale issue

I'm actually linking to a right-wing blog here. But I have a couple of reasons for doing so. First is the post itself-- a slightly amusing letter from a Republican Representative to the White House.

As some politicians voice their support for Bush on this issue, including McCain and good ol' Joe Lieberman (technically it's not so much direct support, but a "let's wait 'till all the facts are in before judging").

But what's most interesting about the post are the comments from their rightie fans. It gives a good indication of how the Bushies will respond to critics. It's basically the above statement-- don't go flying off the handle without knowing all the facts.

Normally that's sensible advice. Which you only hear from the neo-fascists when they need some time for damage control.

The facts are quite simple, really. The UAE has concrete links to terrorists, supported the Taliban, and has become a major crossroads for black market arms shipments and money laundering. They shouldn't be managing US ports.