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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SOTU Wrap-Up-- and freedom on the frogmarch for Cindy Sheehan

If you couldn't bear to tune in tonight, I've boiled it down into all the specifics.

Prologue: Cindy Sheehan was given an invitation. She took off her coat to reveal a shirt listing the number of Iraq casualties and sat down. She was arrested by Capitol police. Follow the link above for breaking news on the story.

1. I want to remind you of how frightened you should be of terrorism. Criticism of the war is tantamount to throwing a slumber party for al Qaeda. (Pimps the parents of a slain soldier.)
2. Wiretaps without warrants are necessary, so enough with the legality question.
3. Our economy is great. So we have to make the tax cuts permanent.
4. Let's encourage kids to study more, especially math. Encouragement is free!
5. Social Security privatization got nowhere*, so let's call it health savings accounts and see if that works.
6. Bipartisan spirit is important-- please don't complain about our agenda.

Epilogue: Bush supports education, although he's cut funding. He also supports alternative energy sources, although he's cut funding. He also supports fiscal responsibility, although he hasn't vetoed a single earmark for increased pork barrel spending.

* This was the high point. W unwittingly gave the Dems an 'in' when he pointed out that Congress didn't act last year on his Social Security plan. If they didn't turn it into the biggest moment of applause of the night, they came close.

The Majority Report coverage was actually pretty weak. Sam Seder (the only one present with comedy skills) was on top of it, but the wonkier participants just weren't fast enough on the draw. Maybe next time, guys.