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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tune in to Air America's take on tonight's SOTU

The Majority Report will be doing a Mystery Science Theater version of Dubya's speech tonight (starting at 9 pm Eastern), which I highly recommend. It isn't my favorite show, but the speech is going to be an exercise in sheer pain.

If you aren't in one of their 87 markets, follow the link to their site above and listen online. Anything that makes the speech tolerable will help, and it is important to see where the next fight will be coming from.

Most predict another attempt at demolishing Social Security by re-selling it as 'health savings accounts.' As adept at the White House handlers are at lying to the public, it'll be interesting to see the latest take on a SOTU speech. They're usually about bold new initiatives and spending programs. But the country is broke, the GOP is tainted by scandal, and Bush's unpopularity is on a par with Nixon. So do we face new lies, or just a repackaging of the same old lies?

ALSO: I'd like to point out that Utah Senator Orrin Hatch just referred to the treatment of Alito as "despicable," in spite of the fact that he was confirmed by a smaller margin than any other modern Supreme Court Justice, including Clarence Thomas. Needless to say, Hatch didn't provide any examples of mistreatment, but it makes a handy sound bite for the candyassed media. And it sets the GOP up to call any serious questioning of any Bush appointee as off-limits. Debate ist verboten.