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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gibson's 'war on Christmas' shoutfest

This is just the sort of good stuff I've been missing not having access to broadband for the last two days. The really, really weird-looking Fox anchor has a little rage-management problem while discussing (and I use the term loosely) the network's favorite winter taopic-- the still non-existent war on Christmas. It's a very special gift just for your non-sectarian winter celebration of choice.

Gibson, of course, is the man who literally wrote the book on the war on Christmas, and once again the representatives of the other side treat it just as they should-- with dismissive mockery. It's a great weapon against Fox-styles blowhards.

(11-meg download) It's well worth a look to see the only two weapons in the Fox arsenal on display-- the head-shaking/eye-rolling combo and the shoutdown. Rob Boston does a fine job of keeping his cool and giving it to these bozos right in the kisser.

Oh, and don't miss Gibson's priceless claim that his book is responsible for a sea change in American thought on religion and the state (with handy on-screen graphic of said book). Gibson is so intent on O'Reilly style posturing and tough talk that he even orders the rightie pundit to stop talking-- several times. Poor guy never even got to plug whatever he was selling. Final thought on Gibson: snap-on hair. The hallmark of the evil conservative.

Crooks and Liars also notes that Bill O'Reilly offered a correction for his false claims that a Texas school had banned red and green clothing. You can see that video here.