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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chalabi defeats Truman!

Chalabi has never been a sterling avatar of truth, justice or the American way, but he was the man the administration picked to head up the country after Saddam's regime fell. And he was still the man, in spite of his criminal record, purported ties to Iran, and so forth. However, the Iraqi people appear to have a different idea of who should lead their post-Saddam republic-- anyone but Chalabi. His entire party received less than one percent of the national vote. Not only did he lose, but his party failed to win a single seat in the National Assembly.

I thought this quote did a nice job of summing up why he fits in nicely with the Bush/Cheney crowd: "What I can say is Dr. Chalabi will have an important role, whether in the government or outside,'' said spokesman [for Chalabi's party] Haider Mousawi.

Great to hear such sentiments coming from this new beacon of freedom. Just like our own Fearless Leader, he wins even when he loses.