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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Motherlode: Crooks & Liars style

A blog that gets about 67,000 visitors a day shows a blog that gets 30 visitors a day (I have an excuse-- no links and no ads) how it's done. This doesn't highlight what a good job they're doing, of course, but how much more attention my blog deserves. (Don't think about that statement too much, just bee-leeeeeve, my brothers and sisters.)

First up, Bill Maher chimes in on Rovegate while talking to Leno ("[Rove] going after the wife.... even the mob doesn't do that, Jay." And that isn't even close to being the best line.):

Video-WMP Video-QT

Second, Colorado GOP Rep. Tancredo tries to explain just how diplomatic and reasonable he was being when he suggested we drop nukes on Mecca (spoiler: when he suggested we nuke 'em, he was being 'taken out of context.'):

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Third, a (too brief and propagandistic) clip from a debate between Ohio Democratic hopeful Hackett and GOP shill Schmidt, both hoping for a victory in a Republican-dominated district in a special runoff election to be held on Tuesday. It's lame, but it certainly shows just how creepy it can be when a dimwitted oddball tries to pull off a Martha-Stewart-meets-Condi maneuver:

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(If you have a little change to spare, make a donation immediately. The site I'm linking to can be trusted.)

Fourth, see how a mom whose kid survived Iraq feels about those who dare to criticize the administration's policies. Tragic. And not just her speech, but her disturbing attempts at looking GOP classy. I guess her mission is to show us how the government doesn't need to pay for military equipment. Which is strange, considering that we spend more on defense than the next nine nations combined... Note how courteous her interlocutor is, in spite of the fact that she won't let him complete a single sentence.


(Yes, they have a better site than I do. But why spend time culling through the chaff when you can head here first for the whole grains?)