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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Another take on racial profiling

Someone wrote in to Eric Alterman with an idea on how the government might use racial profiling to a worthwhile end:

Accordingly, I propose the IRS abandon its policy of random tax audits of all citizens (reinstated in 2002) and start targeting white males who live in the suburbs. That's where the big-bucks tax cheats are going to be found, not some secretary who lives in the Bronx. Give me the right to issue subpoenas for a Calibration Audit (i.e., each line is checked), both personal and any businesses they manage (this type knows no boundaries) and Ill give you enough money $$$ to properly equip every soldier in Iraq. In a time of war, to oppose profiling for tax law enforcement is tantamount to attacking our troops.

I actually know a couple of well-off, white Republicans who have no problems with racial profiling. I wish it had occurred to me before to drop this suggestion on them. Sadly, I think they'd just laugh it aside. Wealth does have its privileges, after all.