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Thursday, July 28, 2005

100 people who are REALLY screwing up America

It's been nice to see Bernard Goldberg get all huffy on the talking head shows when people treat his recent jeremiad against Democrats as anything less than a well-reasoned effort to elevate political discourse. Sadly, it's just another right-wing moneymaking scheme designed to exploit Republican hatred of Democrats for a quick buck.

On the other hand, the link above will take you to a list that actually makes sense (as well as a link to Goldberg's risible list). You'll notice some differences between the two right away-- Goldberg accuses Jimmy Carter of being one of the worst enemies of America. The other list actually puts Osama bin Laden in the top ten. Goldberg seems to have forgotten the villain behind 9/11. Just an oversight, I'm certain. But, to be fair, Goldberg doesn't limit his scorn to Democrats. He also mentions Republican David Duke. You might remember him from headlines in the 1980s. Sheesh, what a turd.