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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Privatization ist Verboten, Take II

Take the time to read this post from Talking Points Memo and the post immediately preceding it. They both deal with the attempt to change the term "privatization" when discussing Social Security. Or more accurately, get rid of that term completely, since it hasn't been testing well with focus groups in the last couple of months.

I wrote about this on the morning of Friday the 21st. And I have to admit that it's nice to see the blogosphere launch a frontal assault on the GOP for this particular bit of deception. Even better, they're writing about it as it happens.

Sure, I can't help dreaming. But if you've been a mainstream news junkie over the last few weeks, you've noticed lots of hype over the power of the blogs. Or lots of comments about how the liberal blogs are maintained by hacks who are trying to undermine the current admin in spite of the fact that they have no financial stake in speaking out. Often in the same article. But let me get back to business...

The blogs seem to be focusing on several connected issues in recent days: (in ascending order of magnitude)
1) The fight against Rice and Gonzales
2) The fight for Dean
3) The fight to ensure that Democrats start fighting
4) The fight to re-establish objectivity in the media

All respectable goals, in my opinion. I'm focusing on number four, in my own small way. But they're all connected, and all well worth fighting for. 2005 stands to be a good year for bloggers, and the media is paying attention. I'll be writing more about Dean as I collect enough info to give a credible overview of how the nomination of the new DNC Chair develops. I'd encourage all of you to write letters to Democratic Senators to encourage them to oppose Rice and Gonzales-- c'mon, it takes five minutes, people!

And last, but not least, I'd encourage anyone who gives a damn to harass the press into calling Social Security privatization what it is. Privatization. The most rewarding thing about this blog has been hearing from people who have taken action, and written letters to media outlets or government officials in order to give voice to the 49% of Americans who voted against this administration. I'll keep fighting. Will you?