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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dean for DNC Chair

I've (mostly) held off on commenting on the DNC leadership post. One thing that caused me to do that was The New Republic's opposition to Dean, who had my nominal support. Not that I'm afraid to have my own opinions, but they've run several anti-McAuliffe articles, too. It just didn't add up, but it made me wonder if I was missing some bigger picture.

I've come down in the Dean camp, especially now that he's written supporters to announce that he's officially making a play for it. This entry on the Washington Monthly's blog (an excellent one, by the way, that I've linked to in the past) is a great summation of the case for Dean. And my main concern is that we start putting fighters in the top slots. That ain't happening in Congress, and as pleases as I was with Barbara Boxer for contesting the Ohio vote, it also highlighted how rare a quality that is in the party these days. Sigh. It's imperative that we start taking the fight to the GOP, rather than continually ceding ground and playing defense. It's not like there's anything to lose after the last three elections. And judging from the ground we've gained in state legislatures, we could be poised to start making headway on a national level -- if people start believing in the Dems again. People like underdogs, but not when the underdog is the greasy nerd with taped-up glasses who gladly hands over his milk money every day.