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Friday, December 17, 2004

Single Moms for Privatization

Isn't it great to see a major paper do its homework for once? There was the December 10th piece on CBS that featured Tad DeHaven-- you know, that concerned father and all-around average Joe-- as an advocate for privatization. Except that he's spent about five years working for right-wing groups that have been leading the anti-Social Security charge. Oops.

Then there was the farcical 'economic conference' this week where the POTUS was in full Potemkin Village mode. It was just like his campaign rallies-- handpicked allies asked pre-screened questions that were full of praise and encouragement. Including an average Jane. This time, it was Iowan mom Sandra Jaques. But-- surprise!-- it turns out that this avatar of middle-America is "the Iowa state director of a conservative advocacy group, FreedomWorks. . . . Ms. Jaques also spent much of the past two years as a spokeswoman in Iowa for a group called For Our Grandchildren, which is mounting a nationwide campaign for private savings accounts."

Click on the link to get the full story at the NYT.