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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Letter to Time Magazine

Just a minute ago, I wrote a letter to Tony Karon on a piece he wrote for Time just yesterday. Above is the link to the article, following is the text of my letter:


Mr. Karon

In your piece for Time magazine dated Nov. 3, 2004, you stated that:

"George W. Bush took the reins of power with the confidence and certainty of one who had carried a landslide mandate to implement his own agenda. This time, of course, his claim of a popular mandate is incontrovertible."

This seems fundamentally at odds with a statement which appeared later in the same article:

"President George W. Bush beat Kerry by a margin of more than 3.5 million American voters, leaving only a mathematical possibility of Senator Kerry prevailing in the Electoral College on the basis of Ohio's uncounted provisional ballots."

Landslide, or contestible election? Both, perhaps?

And which of Bush's agendas are to be implemented? His proposal for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, or his statement that states should be permitted to allow gay civil unions?

This article represents the height of journalistic irresponsibility. Not only do you contradict yourself, but you ignore pertinent facts regarding Bush's agenda as he himself has stated it. The right wing has decried you for well over a decade. At this point, what reason would moderates or progressives have to rely on you for an objective view of the facts?

I found this story thanks to My second post-election recommendation is that you keep up with this site, and take the time to write letters like this one. The media trashed Gore in 2000, and didn't treat Kerry much better this year. And it doesn't take much to read an article and send an e-mail. As we saw with Sinclair Broadcasting, it makes a difference.

P.S.- Some of you are familiar with my encounter with The NewsHour. I sent a critical message, and received a response from a senior producer of the show within 24 hours. They really do read these messages. And the more of us who indicate our frustration, the more likely we are to turn the press away from their mindless parroting of GOP talking points. It could be the first step on a long road.