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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm "Craven" McCain 2008

The cowardice McCain has shown in every aspect of his decision to flee the presidential debate once the going got tough is sickening. But he's certainly learned "Campaigning for Oily Liars" from cover to cover. From Kevin Drum:

A couple of hours ago I suggested that maybe John McCain would try to postpone the first debate to October 2nd because that would then eliminate the vice presidential debate. (So sad....) I thought I was just being hackishly cynical when I said that, but no: according to CNN, that's exactly what McCain is proposing. The VP debate would then be "rescheduled." (Perhaps to November 5th, joked Dana Milbank.)

The big question is how the MSM will treat this whole thing: will they once again roll over and repeat the campaign's baldfaced lies on how eager he is to roll up his sleeves and get right to the dirty work of closed meetings and open photo-ops on Capitol Hill? Or will they point out that McCain just left a McCain-shaped hole in the wall in his haste to avoid anything even remotely resembling a serious policy question?

Admittedly, "what do you have to say now that the economic policy you've backed fervently for decades has caused a massive fiscal crisis?" is a tough one. But McCain isn't supposed to be running for Crybaby in Chief.