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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Blivet Elite

I've been wondering why it is that Media Matters is singled out so frequently by right-wing pundits. Sure, they've got to be really pissed that simply quoting reactionary blowhards shows how full of shit they are, but you don't really want to call attention to that.

Anyway, the important thing is that somebody's doing it. For the obvious reason that high-profile conservative talking heads are big, fat, overstuffed bags of shit. Hence the title.

Illustration: George Will is all about mandates

. . .Clinton is so polarizing that, if she wins the general election, she'll do so only narrowly, and such a slim victory will deny her the mandate to enact any sweeping changes as president. "Large undertakings in domestic policy -- e.g., the enactments of Social Security in 1935 and of Medicare in 1965 -- often follow landslide elections," Will writes. A "close election" in 2008, on the other hand, will "guarantee another four years of paralysis," and that's great news for conservatives "who think gridlocked government is wonderful."

George Will sez mandates are for wussies:

To the contrary, in a column published in December 2000, Will pooh-poohed the very idea that Bush, so narrowly elected, should take a bipartisan approach to governance. Bush, Will wrote, "probably knows that most political and journalistic boilerplate about the need to 'heal' the 'deeply divided' nation has the partisan purpose of paralyzing him, turning him away from his political program, toward therapeutic gestures of 'healing.'" In urging Bush to resist those call, Will wrote: "Conflict avoidance becomes habitual. Risk-averse presidents are constantly at risk. The rule regarding power is use it or lose it. And Bush will never have more of it than he will have next spring."

I really, really, really don't want to what these loathsome characters earn for what they do. And I haven't even brought up David Brooks' shameless column about the "myth" of Republican dog-whistle politics in the days of Reagan. One thing I sorta hope, though, is that I never lose my capacity to be shocked, disappointed, offended, and/or outraged any time I see someone lie as blithely and habitually as the Blivet Elite do on a daily basis.