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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lie. Whitewash. Repeat.

Hope everyone had a swell Labor Day weekend. There was plenty of news (there always is when I decide to take an extra day or two off from blogging), so I thought I'd go with a news roundup to get back up to pace.

ITEM! Larry Craig makes like Ross Perot (a very, very heterosexual Ross Perot): He was arrested. After thinking about it for a few months, he decided to plead guilty. After a few days, he changed his mind. He announced that he planned to resign. He changed his mind. Sure, he looks like a tower of Jell-O now (not to mention a habitual liar), but he wants you to know that he's the victim of a grave breach of civil rights(!?!) involving "very serious constitutional questions." So he's hiring very expensive celebrity lawyers. Somebody's going to have to dig up a quote of Craig on Guantanamo detainees-- I have a funny feeling he hasn't shown much concern over those constitutional questions. Hey, he wasn't even beaten, humiliated, and denied representation for the months between his arrest and confession. Man, what a douche.

ITEM! Ohio Rep. found dead in DC apartment: GOP Congressman Paul Gillmor, 68, was discovered after failing to show up for work. That'd suck.

ITEM! Dems unveil '': From Black Whirlwind (NOTE: not a 70s blaxploitation star), an interesting article on a new site designed to be an archive of information on Mitt Romney. The site "gives access to raw material for bloggers, journalists, and voters." It'll be interesting to see what happens with it.

ITEM! GAO: 15 of 18 'benchmarks' partially or completely unfulfilled.
Senate Armed Services Committee independent report: "[Iraqi Security Forces] will be unable to fulfill their essential security responsibilities independently over the next 12-18 months."
George W. Bush speaking in Australia: "We're kicking ass."

ITEM! White House refuses to name archiving company that "lost" millions of White House e-mails. Let me guess-- they'd only need to name the company and allow oversight if there was any wrongdoing, but since it's all perfectly legitimate there's no reason to investigate. Oh, and refusing to take BushCo at its word is still something only treasonous America-haters would even dream of. One other pertinent fact: this is all totally illegal.