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Monday, May 14, 2007

"Honest, officer. That prostitute said she was just tired and wanted to rest her head in my lap for a minute."

Credit where it's due, right? I can't help but think that there's nothing more to this than an instinct for self-preservation (usually the corruption of Republican ideologues only becomes apparent after they get a big promotion), but it's nice to see some wingers trying to do something worthwhile. In this case, putting the kibosh on Ken "in flagrante dilecto" Calvert.

A popular conservative blog will step up its efforts this week to force Republican leaders to pull Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) from the powerful Appropriations Committee. In addition, the website will begin a coordinated effort to target members of the GOP Steering Committee in order to save the party from electoral disaster in 2008, the editor in chief of the site said Sunday.

“This party of ours must be pruned and it must be pruned by those of us who care about it before meeting the butchers sheers in the hands of the voters again in 2008," Erick Erickson, editor in chief of wrote to The Hill. “If they refuse to hear that change is needed, we will wipe them out and replace them with new blood that recognizes that a corrupt party rejected by the voters will not be embraced again by the voters until the corruption is purged.”

On the blog, Erickson on Friday had declared “war” on the GOP leadership because it backed Calvert to join the committee. Erickson objects to the choice, saying Calvert was involved in “several questionable land deals...”

Riiiiiiight... land deals. That hasn't raised any objections to Alaska's Ted Stevens (R-AK), Illinois' Denny Hastert (R-IL), or California's Gary Miller (R-CA) from the right. No, I'd guess it was because Calvert has a legion of greasy little skeletons in his closet-- and righties are genuinely scared about losing power in a big, big way for installing these crooks in the first place.