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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


During last night's State of the Union address, the president didn't seem to make anyone happy, even in his own party. Although he did deviate from the script a bit. The prepared text, written beforehand for the leader of the free world, included the word 'Democratic' as an adjective. Which would be correct. Amid calls for partisanship (and at least one more embarrassing call for fiscal prudence from the man who never vetoed a spending bill), Bush insisted on employing one of the most childish tactics on the right-- saying 'Democrat' instead.

The author of this post writes that "it was almost certainly a deliberate move by Bush." I think that's giving the man too much credit. My guess is that he's just that much of an ideology-driven drone. "We must have more bipartisan spirit in politics today, for the greater good of the nation-- and we would if it weren't for those Democrat sons uh bitches."