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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hey, it's not like he sodomizes his wife in her sleep!

I wrote a few days ago that a recent nomination from Bush-- one that doesn't require Congressional approval-- was right up there with the most insane of the lot. And it just got more ridiculous today.

So it's not just that Bush's new chief of family planning services, Eric Keroack, uses wacky cartoons to teach kids reactionary, anti-scientific nonsense about sexuality. Apparently, he's not even a board-certified ob-gyn. Heckuva job, Bushie! (In fairness, as Bush appointments to crucial family planning posts go, he's still not quite as bad as David Hager.)

The thing is, the administration has made a point of touting Keroack's "cred" as a real, honest-to-gosh doctor. Only he isn't certified to practice medicine any more, having given that up to devote more time to idiocy. Maybe Jerry Falwell could be put in charge of NASA.