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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tony Snow's Lie of the Day

That'd be a reliable ongoing feature, but the lies are coming a little too thick and fast these days. Today was sort of an unofficial GOP "we like black people" day, with Bush using the occasion of his first-ever meeting with the NAACP to talk about how devoted he was to improving the numbers on black home ownership-- in spite of the Republicans' fierce opposition to anti-predatory lending laws. But Tony Snow really took the biscuit with his 100% false claim that the administration is "closing the racial income gap."

QUESTION: After the speech, people said that the president said what he needed to say about the Voting Rights Act and they were very appreciative of that, but that the speech fell flat when he spoke about education, jobs and other issues. And they felt very passionately that on jobs, housing, education, affirmative action, the administration has not put forth policies that have improved their lives.

How do you respond to that?

SNOW: Well, two things.

First, you take a look at the economic data. And you have seen growing — I guess I could put it this way — income equality has a better record in this administration than in previous.

There was this widening gap. It’s not widening anymore.

Actually, it doesn't get any more untrue than that. BushCo has managed to reverse a trend toward income equality that occurred under Clinton. But we all know how much Fearless Leader hates doing anything like Clinton. Maybe Snow should've argued that the GOP's economic policies are genuinely colorblind-- they punish all non-wealthy Americans equally.