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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Times corrects Clinton story. Sort of.

It was a doozy of a mistake for a reporter to make, and bloggers pounced on it immediately. When the Times suggested in an article that Hillary Clinton was attacking Democrats for "wasting time" in the Senate by doing things like bringing up the issue of a gay marriage ban. That in itself should've tipped off anyone that she wasn't talking about her fellow Democrats, but the paper let the story stand for more than two days before making the correction.

An article published on the Web site of The New York Times on Sunday reported on a speech by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Rogers, Ark. The headline and article said that Mrs. Clinton had criticized Democrats on Saturday for “wasting time” by dealing with issues that helped Republicans turn out voters rather than finding consensus on mainstream subjects. (. . .)

She was referring to the Republican-led Congress — not Democrats — when she said: “So we do other things, we do things that are controversial, we do things that try to inflame their base so that they can turn people out and vote for their candidates. I think we are wasting time, we are wasting lives, we need to get back to making America work again, in a bipartisan, nonpartisan way.”

The media just loves them stories that prop up the stalwart Republican/feckless Democrat meme.

UPDATE: As Tim Grieve notes, the problem with the Times story wasn't just reporter Ann Kornblut's misinterpreting of one sentence-- it was running with that erroneous judgment and changing the entire gist of the article. Which makes the Times' correction half-baked at best.