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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The gang violence absent during Katrina is now appearing

Right-wingers are still circulating e-mails that condemn New Orleans residents for their behavior in the wake of Katrina. Although you probably remember that all those initial reports of gang violence, rape and murder turned out to be false. Ironically, the real violence is occurring now, months later, as the government has consistently failed to deal with rebuilding the city in a competent, timely manner.

Three brothers and a friend were killed in a neighborhood not far from the French Quarter, and a fifth person was gunned down in a separate incident hours later, authorities said Saturday.

The shootings were the latest round of killings as the city struggles to rein in drug- and gang-related violence that has shadowed the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

In mid-June, Gov. Kathleen Blanco sent the Louisiana National Guard and state police to New Orleans to help fight crime there after five teenagers were shot to death in a single attack.

Such sensational murders have a crippling effect on the city's struggle to rebuild its tourism industry and persuade evacuees to return, said New Orleans city councilman James Carter, who heads the council's committee on crime.

Remind anyone else of Iraq? Government policy is all about claiming achievement while refusing to act. Leadership has been redefined as nothing more than 'staying the course,' even when the consequences are disastrous.