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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Six Million Dollar Vote

It probably only cost a few hundred thousand to gas up Air Force One and get the entourage in order, probably, but I could think of about a million better uses for taxpayer money than flying Fearless Leader to Texas to cast a primary vote. Like a few months of unemployment benefits for the idiot who forgot to request George's absentee ballot-- and you'd still have 90% of it left over...

Texas also allows a generous period for early in-person voting. But that option expired Friday while Bush was in India and Pakistan.

Early Saturday, with the president at risk of missing the election - including a nomination fight for the local congressional seat - the White House announced he would fly to Crawford after a meeting with the Russian foreign minister at the White House. He'll arrive at the polls at the Crawford Fire Station before the 7 p.m. closing.

"He intends to vote, and he'll be down there to vote," said White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Wow. What a man of action!